Swapna Deshpande MD


All my life, I have been passionate about living well and helping others to achieve this for themselves. After medical school, I have devoted the last 20 years of my professional career to acquire expertise in various aspects of Psychiatry. My vision is to enhance awareness and knowledge to optimize personal health and wellness in patients. Through motivation enhancement and skill building, I want to empower patients and families to live their best. In order to achieve this I promise to provide scientifically validated, individualized psychiatric medication management and psychological therapies to optimize emotional well-being. I believe each child should be provided treatment in the broader context of the family, school and community that the child lives in. Most of the psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence are best treated with a combination of medications and psychotherapy.


  • Provide psychiatric treatments to prevent suicides in children
  • Provide psychiatric treatments for various disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, trauma and mood disorders
  • Provide safe and effective treatments that will reduce the risk of obesity and promote weight loss