Monday to Thursday, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 3 pm
Appointments can be made by email at [email protected]. We are only offering Telepsychiatry appointments.
  • Initial Consultation and Evaluation (75 min): $400
  • Individual Psychotherapy, with or without medication management (55 min): $275
  • Medication Management and Counseling (30 min): $160
  • Medication Management only (10-15 min): $75

We also offer subscription plans to offset the cost of the medical care. Please see the subscription plans tab above for details.

Fees include reasonable time for phone calls, record keeping and collaboration with other health care providers, therapists and school.

If you require a more extensive and detailed report or phone consultation, the above fee schedule will apply. You will be notified of this fee in advance and you may decline these services.

Please contact our office for specific details of our fee structure.


We have opted out of insurance networks. Our office will provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement for yourself at your request.


Depending on eligibility, we will be able to offer financial assistance. If you have been a previous patient of Dr Deshpande, and need financial assistance, please contact the office for details.

We are offering subscription plans to help offset the cost for the treatment at the clinic. There are three plans - A, B and C - and are meant for patients with different needs. You and the physician will collaboratively determine which plan works best for you after your initial assessment. Compared to the fee schedule for pay-per-visit, the subscription plans offer a discount from 12.5% up to 35%.

Subscription Plans

Plan 3 monthly 6 monthly 1 yearly
Plan A: Med management (MM) $150 (= 3 x $50) $250 (= 5 x $50) $450 (= 9 x $50)
Plan B: Psychotherapy (20-25 min, monthly) and MM $420 (= 3 x $140) $700 (= 5 x $140) $1360 (= 9 x $140)
Plan C: Psychotherapy (45-50 mins, monthly) and MM $750 (= 3 x $250) $1250 (= 5 x $250) $2250 (= 9 x $250)
Dr Deshpande is interested in offering educational talks and workshops on the following topics
  • Adolescent Suicide Prevention
  • Wellness and Resilience
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Psychiatric Medications in high risk children and adolescents
Please contact via email [email protected].